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Membership Requirements

     To become a member of the LAOH, one must be Irish by birth or decent, or adoption, the wife or mother of a Hibernian, or the mother of a Junior member.  One must be a practicing Catholic, and must not be less than 16 years of age.

     If interested in joining, click the button below and complete the contact form. Our membership coordinator will contact you directly.

Board Members

Chaplain – Sr. Patrice Hughes, SC
President – Maureen Seuffert
Vice President – Nancy Anderson
Secretary – Maureen Donnelly
Treasurer – Onnie Costanzo
Financial Secretary – Gerry Abbott
Irish Historian – Kathleen Bado
Missions & Charities – Mary Louise Kane
Catholic Action – Noreen DeRose
Mistress at Arms – Pat McGrath
Sentinel – Kathy Toomey
Immediate Past President – Patti Flaus

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